1.7.3 Update

17 April 2012
Version 1.7.3 has been released.

How to upgrade

Go to Admin panel -> System Update -> do a manual or automatic update.
Go to Admin panel -> System Info -> make sure all system checks are passed and display OK.
If you are using a non-English language you'll need to translate the newly added strings.

What's in this update?

  • Private messages - added ability for users to send private messages to each other.
    Previously they had to send emails which was bad because this way they left the site. With this new feature whenever an ad is posted by a registered user a 'Send message' button appears and this is how the user can contact the author (besides the other contact methods - phone, skype, etc).
    Previously a 'send email' link used to appear - this now shows up only for ads posted by guests.
    The idea of this feature is to make the users a bit more connected with the site - make them come back to check their messages, etc. Whenever a private message is sent, the receiver gets notified by email to come to the site and check it.
  • Added SMTP support - some hostings allows emails to be sent only using SMTP. If this is the case for you, you'll need to go to Admin panel -> Settings and enable SMTP, then fill in SMTP host, username, password, port (should be provided by your hosting).
    After that the site should be able to send emails.
  • Improved profile pages - some layout improvements there - added tabs for better navigation and a new 'Messages' section.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed a bug where the image uploader was not working for IE7 and IE8.
    • Fixed a bug where +1 button was not shown on the ads page (only for Attero theme).
    • Layout for the comments sometimes got misaligned for longer comments - this is now fixed.