1.7.2 Update

12 March 2012
Version 1.7.2 has been released.

How to upgrade

Go to Admin panel -> System Update -> do a manual or automatic update.
After that you'll need to create a new folder using FTP: tmp/cl-images
Set permissions to 777 - writable to all.
Go to Admin panel -> System Info -> make sure all system checks are passed and display OK.

What's in this update?

  • There is a new, much better looking design, you can check it out here: http://demo.classiscript.com/.
    It has 4 different color schemes that you can choose from: Aqua, Orange, Blue and Pink.

    If you want to use it go to Admin panel -> Settings and in the Theme field select Attero (+ the desired color scheme).
  • Added a slider for the homepage that displays classifieds in a cool manner.
    To set it up on your homepage go to Admin panel -> Pages and edit 'index'. In the beginning you can add something like this:
    [slider listing-type="date" num=8 with-images-only="true"]
    This will display the latest 8 classifieds that have images.
    You can also display classifieds from a certain category like this:
    [slider listing-type="category" listing-context="3" num=8]
    The listing-context parameter holds the ID of your desired category. You can find the ID by going to Admin panel -> Categories and click edit on the desired category - the ID is displayed there.
  • Added ability to edit images on a classified.
  • Improved the image upload process. Users can now upload several images at once, see the thumbnails and also upload images with drag and drop.
  • Admin user can now make certain classifieds premium. This is in case you want to promote your own classifieds - no need to go through the payment process for that.
    Simply edit the classified when logged in as admin and there is a new dropdown - Plan which lets you choose the desired classified plan.
  • Fixed a bug where the price could not be a floating number like 12.50.
  • Added French and Russian translations.
  • Some other invisible improvements - JS and CSS files are now combined and minified for better performance;
    upgraded CodeIgniter to the latest version 2.1.0;
    thumbnails are now dynamically generated and not stored on the filesystem;