1.7.1 Update

12 Feb 2012
Version 1.7.1 has been released.

How to upgrade

Go to Admin panel -> System Update -> do a manual or automatic update.
After that you'll need to create a new folder using FTP: static/uploads/user-images
Set permissions to 777 - writable to all.
Go to Admin panel -> System Info -> make sure all system checks are passed and display OK.
If you are using a non-English language you may need to check your language's translation page (in Admin panel) and make sure translations are ok.

What's in this update?

  • Removed the language code from URLs.
    URLs used to look like this: yoursite.com/language/title-of-the-page
    Now the language part is removed. It is ony displayed if you have more than one language and user is viewing the non-default one.
    For example if you have Italian and English language and your default language is set to Italian then URLs will look like this:
    yoursite.com/some-page (Italian version)
    yoursite.com/en-GB/some-page (English version)
    And for sites that have only one language urls will always be yoursite.com/some-page
  • Registered users can now post comments to classifieds. This can be turned off from Admin panel.
  • Registered users can now upload avatars/logos.
  • A number of new custom blocks have been added - those can be used to display ads on your site. Check out the Custom Blocks page in Admin panel to see them.
    They allow you to place ads/link in:
    header (the green line on top);
    on the homepage - in the empty space next to the classifieds;
    category/search pages - in the sidebar - above and below the Refinements section;
    view classifieds page - 8 positions throughout the page
  • A new setting has been added in Admin panel -> Settings page: Time format.
    It's used when displaying time - for comments and classifieds. By default it's set to 12-hour format (10:00 PM).
    If you want to change it to 24-hour format (22:00) - use this setting: %H:%i
  • Admin panel -> Users page: you can now see how many ads each user has posted.
  • Sometimes users post new classifieds as guests and later they decide to create an account. Now upon registering ClassiScript will check if there are any guest classifieds with the same email and will assign them to that user.
  • The Advanced Search page got some layout improvements - the list of categories is now grouped and ordered.
  • Improved generation of Cyrillic slugs (when translating the classified title into a URL) - it used to skip some letters and others were not properly transliterated. Those are fixed now.