SEO is vital to any website and in many cases traffic from Google can take about 70% (or even more) of the entire website traffic. This is especially true for classified websites.

So this is one of the critical features - it is very important that the website follows any SEO best practices and we really do our best to ensure that. What the script can do is the so-called on-page SEO, which basically means making sure Google understands the site correctly.
How is this achieved?

Pretty URLs

The URL for any classified looks like this:
This is the classified title transformed into a URL - no IDs or other irrelevant information - just the keywords you need.
The same thing applies also to category URLs.
Unicode URLs are also supported and if your website uses a non-latin language you can configure wheter to use latin or Unicode URLs.

Preventing Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is a serious problem for classified websites because many users tend to post the same (or very similar) classified over and over again to improve its visibility. This generates a lot of junk content and Google really hates that (and so do regular visitors).
For this purpose we have built an intelligent approval system that holds for moderation classifieds that seem duplicate (more about this below).

And even if you mistakenly approve a duplicate classified, you can still mark it as a duplicate (deleting is bad for SEO) and once it is accessed, it will redirect to the original one (with 301 redirect).

Approval System

Moderation is an important part of classified websites, because a lot of users tend to post the same classified multiple times (some even tens of times). This not only creates duplicate content problems with Google, but also scares visitors away, because they get easily bored seeing the same classified over and over again.

ClassiScript has an intelligent system that detects duplicate classifieds through different signals. This could be another classified with the same title - in this case it can be held for moderation. You can also tighten it a bit more by allowing only the first classified from a user to get auto-approved, and others to be held for moderation. We have found this to be a good measure, because many users post a slightly modified version of the same classified - in this case detecting by title will not work.

You can also put a list of suspicious words that if found can hold the classified for moderation.

Of course if you don't want to spend time on this, you can always disable the approval system and make all classifieds approved by default.

Great Performance

Performance is important both for user experience and for your hosting.
ClassiScript is very lightweight on the database and you should be able to support many thousands of impressions daily even on a small hosting.
To make the user experience even smoother, we have implemented many performance tweaks, such as limiting the number of js/css includes and other smaller ones.

Extra Custom Fields

The fields in the classifieds are customizable. You can have a set of fields that are common for all classifieds (title, author, etc.) and others that are category specific.

Lets say you have a category 'Cars' and a subcategory 'Used Cars'.
You can define a custom field 'Brand' that will be available both for 'Cars' and 'Used Cars' and another custom field 'Age' that will be available only for 'Used Cars'.

You can have several types of custom fields - text field, integer field, checkbox or dropdown.

Full Multi-Language Support

ClassiScript has full Unicode support and can be easily translated into any language.
It also works with Unicode URLs - if your website uses a not-latin alphabet, you can choose whether the URLs should be transliterated to latin or keep the original alphabet.
The way words are transliterated can also be configured.

Handling Adult Content

If your website can contain adult classifieds this may be a problem for Google Adsense or other ad systems as they don't allow their ads to be placed on a page with adult content. Marking these classifieds as 'adult' can prevent ads from showing to avoid problems with Adsense or others.
It can also display a warning popup that asks the user to confirm age.

For more information you can check out these pages: