Creating Static Pages

You can create a number of static pages like "About Us", "Privacy Policy" and so on.
This is done from Admin / Static Pages.

There are two static pages that always exist and cannot be deleted:

  • home - this is the homepage of the site
  • terms - Terms and Conditions page - this is what the users need to accept before adding a classified


If you have worked with Wordpress you may have heard of shortcodes. A shortcode is some string like [list_categories] that you put into the contents of the page and it will display something; in this case - a list with all categories. Currently the following shortcodes exist:

  • [advanced-search] - displays a search box like the one here:
  • [list-categories] - displays a list of all categories and subcategories
  • [list-latest-classifieds num="10"] - this displays the latest 10 clasifieds that were added. The num parameter can be any number.