Paid Classifieds

Users have the ability to upgrade their classifieds by using some of the paid plans you configure.
This way they can improve the visibility of their classified by placing it above the non-paid classifieds on the page and/or highlighting it.

This page explains how to configure this.

Classified Plans

When a user upgrades their classified they need to choose between some of the classified plans you have configured.
Each plan has its own properties and price. For example you can configure something like this:

  • Silver Plan - classifieds in this plan are displayed above the free classifieds;
    they are highlighted (have a star to differentiate from the others);
    they remain in this plan for 15 days;
    Price: $2
  • Silver Plan+ - same as Silver plan, but classifieds remain in this plan a bit longer - 20 days;
    Price: $3
  • Gold Plan - classifieds in this plan are displayed first - above the Silver and free classifieds;
    they are highlighted (have a star to differentiate from the others);
    they remain in this plan for 10 days;
    Price: $4
This is just an example setup to illustrate the point.
And here is how it may be displayed to the users: This page is displayed right after publishing a new classified. It can also be accessed later from the classified page, by clicking on the 'Make premium' link.

In order to configure Classified Plans you need to login to Admin panel and choose Classified Plans from the left menu (view on the demo site).
ClassiScript initially has 2 sample plans configured - you can delete them and create your own.

Here is what the form fields mean:

  • Name - the name of the plan (for ex. Gold Plan, Silver Plan, etc.).
  • Description - this is the text that users will see on the 'Promote Your Classified' page (the one displayed after publishing the classified).
    This should describe what they get when choosing this plan. It can also include the price. Basically this would be something like the sales copy for the classified plans.
  • Days active - how many days will the classified be in this plan. For ex. if you put 15 in here, this means that 15 days after the payment, the classified will be back to normal (won't be displayed as paid anymore).
  • Highlighted - if checked those classifieds will have a yellow star in order to differentiate from the free ones.
  • Featured - featured classifieds are displayed in a number of sliders, sidebars, etc. For example you can configure the homepage slider to display those classifieds with big images on the homepage.
  • Priority - this is the order in which classifieds are displayed on the category pages, search, etc. Gold are displayed first, then Silver, then Bronze, then free classifieds.

Payment Methods

Currently ClassiScript supports PayPal Express Checkout.
To configure this you need to provide the following:
- paypal username (email)
- API password
- API signature
If you don't know how to find those, you can see this page.
If you leave 'Real payments' unchecked, then no real payments will be made and you'll be able to do tests on the Paypal Sandbox.

For the payment method to become active, you'll need to check 'Enabled' and also fill in prices for each of your classified plans.

That's it

When you have configured both of the above, you'll be ready to accept payments.
You need to have at least one classified plan and one enabled payment method to make the 'Promote Your Classified' visible to users.