Configuring the Homepage Slider

The homepage slider can be used to display classifieds in a nice manner on the homepage. You can see how it looks like on the demo site:

Adding it to the homepage

The slider is another shortcode, like [list-latest-classifieds] and [list-categories].
To add it to the homepage you need to go to Admin -> Static Pages and click 'edit' on the homepage (the one with id: home).
Then in the HTML field you can add something like this in the beginning:

[slider listing-type="date" num=8 with-images-only="true"]

This will display a slider which shows the latest 8 classifieds that have images.
The parameters and possible options are explained below:

  • num - the number of classifieds to display in the slider.
  • with-images-only - if this is true then it will only display classifieds with images.
  • listing-type - this has 3 possible values: date, featured, category.
    • date will display newest classifieds.
    • featured will display only featured (paid) classifieds, ie. classifieds that belong to a paid plan, which is marked as 'featured'. This is explained in detail in the Paid Classifieds section.
    • category will show classifieds from a certain category. In this case you'll need to provide one more parameter - listing-context that should hold the ID of the desired category.
  • listing-context - this is only needed when slider is displaying classifieds from a certain category - in this case this should hold the ID of the category.
    You can see the ID by going to the Categories section in admin and click 'edit' on the selected category - it is displayed there.