Approval System

By default ClassiScript has an enabled approval system which doesn't publish all classifieds, but holds the ones that seem duplicate or spammy for manual moderation. Those classifieds are displayed in Admin / Approval page - you can review them and either approve or delete the classified.

Additional information is provided like what other classifieds this user has posted, so that you can check if this isn't a duplicate one. This works even for users that post anonymously - in most cases ClassiScript is able to detect their other classifieds.

You can also define a list of 'suspicious' words that if found would hold the classified for moderation.
These are defined in Admin / Basic Settings / Suspicious Words. Each word or phrase should be separated by ; sign.

The approval system can be disabled and in this case all classifieds will be published without moderation.
This is done from Admin / Basic Settings / Enable Approval System.