Several Beautiful Designs

ClassiScript comes with 2 designs, each having 4 different color schemes to choose from. Take a look at the demos:

Attero (with Aqua color scheme) Basic (with Green color scheme)

Search Engine Friendly

ClassiScript is very well optimised for search engines following Google's guidelines and SEO best practices. For example URLs contain only the title of the page and not irrelevant stuff such as numbers and others.
Proper meta tags (noindex, canonical) are carefully placed to ensure there are no duplicate content issues.

Smart Approval System

Duplicate content and spam is a serious problem for classified websites and if it is not treated carefully spammers may be able to turn your site into a junkyard.

ClassiScript has an intelligent system that can hold spammy or duplicate ads for manual moderation and auto-approve ads that seem ok. And it works surprisingly well :)

Monetizing Your Site

ClassiScript offers two ways to monetize your site - by placing ads like Google Adsense, Chitica, etc. and you can also receive payments for premium listings.

We have added a number of high-CTR ad spots throughout the pages where you could place your ads/banners.
And you can also create different paid listing plans, so that paid ads can appear on top of others, get highlighted, appear on the homepage, etc.


We are no longer able to support the script, that's why we are lowering the standard price of $99 to just $29.
You can check with the demos or install the trial version to see if the script matches your needs.

We still offer free installation though.